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the vault

24 May

You know what’s a really un-fun way to wake up? To a call at 4AM from the security company saying that your dads house was potentially broken into. It’s no fun. At all. Thankfully after sitting awake in my bed for 45 minutes my dad called me back and told me everything was just fine and that the door wasn’t completely shut all the way. In that moment I was never more grateful to hear my dads voice. We talked until about 5AM and then agreed we should get back to sleep. 

Needless to say I am tired today. Not in a bad way, but in a I really hope today rocks because I am sleeeeeeeepy. About 35 seconds after thinking this I get a text from my coworker, “In line for doughnuts!” Hallelujah!! I had completely forgotten she was going to pick up doughnuts the size of my head from the doughnut vault for the office today. If the rest of my day is half as awesome as the post-5AM part has been, it’s going to be a good day.


the gong

14 May

A few weeks ago my sister told a story about how a woman on Oprah wanted to take a year long sabbatical, but financially couldn’t afford it. Instead, she went to work everyday as usual and as she walked into her house each night she would bang a gong to signify that work was over and she was free to do as she pleased.

To say that I loved that story would be an understatement. I’ve been complaining (too much) about not having time to get everything done that I want to get done or try new things. I felt like I wasted my days away in a windowless office and by the time I get home I was too tired to want to do much. Until I heard the story about the gong.

Instantly I had a new outlook on my time. I don’t have an unlimited amount of time to work with, but I do have time. Since realizing this I have been much more productive. I spent more time being upset about not having time instead of just getting things done. It amazes me how much I can get done in a short amount of time. Whether it’s a quick apartment cleanup, going for a run, running errands, hanging out with friends, or just doing something I enjoy. I no longer dread my commute home because I know it’ll be 45 minutes of uninterrupted reading. While dinner is cooking I make sure to tackle one or two tasks.

And let me tell you… weekends have been SO much more relaxing! I used to be so bummed that I only had 2 days off and then it hit me… I have TWO days to do with as I please. How great is that! I try not to think about work (too much) on the weekends and it has helped me enjoy them and be more productive.

Gong // Gong


my cray-cray week in pinterest pins

24 Apr

Do you like my original title up there? Yeah, I came up with that on my own.


I wish I was creative like that! But I’m not… which is why pinterest holds my attention… I can stare at other peoples’ creativity and cheer them on 😉

Things have been caraaayyyzeee at work this week. Or, as we like to say in our incredibly hip office: CRAY-CRAY. (Note: I do NOT say this outside of the office, but it seems to fit how we feel and goshdarnit, we feel cray)

So, here is how this week feels in pinterest pins

haha yup

yep. haha

never fails..



i hate that!

awwwwww baba!

It hasn’t been a bad week by any stretch, but it has definitely been a CRAY-CRAY week 😉

friday words

13 Apr


Can I get an “AMEN!”?

ahahahaha. challenge accepted.

Ain’t that just the worst?

Every single day.

Every flipping day at work.

so true


Be nice

This might be one of my favorites.

it's true <3

Doesn’t get truer than that 😉

everyday of my life.

I can’t help it.


Pardon the language, but you know you’re thinking it too.


I say this to Corey all the time.

truth. haha



Heck to the YES!


Days like this.

Let's be Happy

let’s be happy ❤


bunch of random schtuff.

10 Apr

This is why Sarah is one of my favorite peoples of all stinkin time:

Sarah:  hi love, just wanted to drop by and wish you a good day!

And because I can text her saying that all I want in the whole wide world is a hot dog. When I ask if that’s weird, she tells me it’s not and that I need to get a “hot dog deliver-er” and reminds me that Carters would be super tasty.

Luuuve this girl!


These are some of my favorite lyrics of all time (from the song muh boyfriend wrote for ME. Swoon):

how i love it
when you hold me near
coming close to
your center
i disappear


I’m settling into my new position nicely.

The free espresso helps 😉


My allergies have been eating me alive since Friday. I spent most of Saturday laying around/sleeping and I have felt incredibly sick since Sunday night. Stuffed up/feel like my head is going to blow up it hurts so badly/nauseous. I’m tired of taking meds since it only makes me feel weird sooo now I suppose I just have to suffer through them?

What do you guys do when your allergies get really bad??

HUGE thanks to Corey for rubbing my head 20 times on Saturday, I’m sure it was super weird to do, but it made me feel better.


On Easter my niece ran up to me, gave me the biggest hug, 43 kisses and told me loud and clear that she loves me very much. I wanted to cry she made me so happy… but didn’t because of my stupid allergies. Being an aunt really is one of the best feelings in the world.


My landlord is a jerkface.


I gave in and took some meds. I don’t feel like my head is going to explode or like I’m going to puke… score one for me!


I’m going to see the Hunger Games this weekend! FINALLY!!


happy tuesday!

27 Mar

I hope everyone had a great weekend! I meant to write this yesterday but SNAP was yesterday busy!

My weekend went by much much too fast, but it consisted of friends, naps, bed, bath & beyond, a bon fire, cuddle time, and some much needed apartment cleaning.

I can’t stay long, but I’ve got news!


I officially start a week from yesterday and will spend everyday until then packing up THIS office because we are relocating to ANOTHER office not too far from here. It’s going to be hectic and exhausting and so exciting! The new office has an espresso machine on our floor…

I’ll tell you more later when I have time, but for now I’m off to go put stuff in boxes and dream about all the free espresso I’ll get at the new office 😉