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31 May

A year ago yesterday I wrote this post, which makes me laugh because I had a very similar idea for today. 

Here are some tidbits about what’s been going on/what’s been on my mind…

  • The dentist I went to growing up told me for years that I have 3 wisdom teeth. Turns out he was incredibly wrong. Very, very wrong. After going to a new dentist yesterday I learned that I have ONE wisdom tooth. 
  • I’ve lived next door to this one guy for a year now and never learned his name, but always thought he looked like a Dan, so I’ve called him Neighbor Dan. Not to his face of course. The other day we were talking and I apologized for sounding rude, but I asked his name. It’s Russ. Lemme tell you, that is NOT what I was expecting.
  • Tomorrow is National Doughnut Day. Nuff said.
  • Never eat a grilled cheese and go for a run. It doesn’t end well. Trust me.
  • Today I am moving! I am SOSO excited about this new apartment I can’t even tell you. The one major downfall? There is no closet in the bedroom. Oh, okay? I welcome suggestions of how/what I should do with all my clothes.
  • Last weekend we went to Roxy and Davie’s baby shower and they found out they’re having a girl!! Next week I’m going to try and post the video because those two were just as adorable as you can imagine. I have never been there when a couple found out what they were having so it was fantastic to see their reaction. 🙂
  • I can’t get over how amazing littlest bug is.
  • I still love country music.

our first sunset

30 May

I felt so much birthday love yesterday!

My day was fairly low-key. I worked until the afternoon and then decided that since it was supposed to be a clear evening that Corey and I should drive to New Buffalo, have dinner, and watch the sunset. It was chilly, but it was our first official sunset together 🙂

I love that guy.


29 May

birthday, birthday

Today I am 25.

At exactly midnight I got texts from my seeester with all kinds of birthday emoji’s and lots of exclamation points 🙂

This morning my boyfriend woke up early to call and sing me happy birthday before I left for work 🙂

I’ve already gotten lots of lovely messages from family and friends.

My company brought a lava cake to my office at 9:30 this morning!

I miss my mama being here with me more than I can explain, but let me tell you, nobody loved birthdays more than her. So today I am going to celebrate, shake it, eat cake, watch a sunset next to my love, and allow myself to really truly enjoy the day because that’s what she would have wanted.

I can tell it’s going to be a good day!

Balloons balloons balloons

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spring shower!

26 May

See that beautiful couple on the right? Today is their baby shower!!

We all went to dinner MONTHS ago and that was the last time I saw Roxy so I haven’t even see her adorable baby belly in person. I’ve seen some photos and let me tell you, she looks amazing. I can’t wait to rub the belly and give mama and papa BIG hugs. 

I really am so happy for them and cannot wait to meet their little bundle in July 🙂

(please don’t mind my weirdly closed eyes – im not capable of taking a good picture with multiple people in it)

my own flowers

25 May

potted flowers

Patriotic potted flowers

potted flowers

potted flowers

daisies daisies daisies

Strawberry plant

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One week from today I move into my new apartment that has a tiny amount of deck space right off the kitchen. I’m so excited about the thought of watering flowers outside and watching them grow.

I might even try growing strawberries 🙂

the vault

24 May

You know what’s a really un-fun way to wake up? To a call at 4AM from the security company saying that your dads house was potentially broken into. It’s no fun. At all. Thankfully after sitting awake in my bed for 45 minutes my dad called me back and told me everything was just fine and that the door wasn’t completely shut all the way. In that moment I was never more grateful to hear my dads voice. We talked until about 5AM and then agreed we should get back to sleep. 

Needless to say I am tired today. Not in a bad way, but in a I really hope today rocks because I am sleeeeeeeepy. About 35 seconds after thinking this I get a text from my coworker, “In line for doughnuts!” Hallelujah!! I had completely forgotten she was going to pick up doughnuts the size of my head from the doughnut vault for the office today. If the rest of my day is half as awesome as the post-5AM part has been, it’s going to be a good day.

stay classy

23 May

Audrey HepburnI think it might be time for an Audrey Hepburn movie marathon soon.