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stupid germs

28 Feb

About a month ago my office was hit was hit with a plague.

This plague was awful and seemed deadly.

Every. Single. Person. In my office came down with some awfulawful version of a gross sickness. The stomach flu, a 30 day cough/runny nose, bronchitis, you name it. They each took turns taking sick days and tried to coordinate who would get to take what days off.

Everyone… EXCEPT ME.

How you like them apples, co-workers? Sorry, that wasn’t very nice. Which is probably why, now that they are all healthy and enjoying this non-winter that we seem to be having here in Chicago, I am sick.

I’m not nearly as sick as they were, but yesterday I think I sneezed somewhere around 51 billion times and I’ve already surpassed that quota this morning. I feel fine otherwise so I’m hoping it won’t turn into something worse. That would put a huge damper on getting an extra day this year if I have to spend it in bed with a box of tissues, a vat of chicken noodle soup, and watching Pride & Prejudice on repeat.

Actually that sounds pretty awesome.

That’s all. I just wanted to share that I have this itty bitty cold.

I hope you are having a healthier Tuesday than me!


weekend goodness

27 Feb

This was one of the most refreshing weekends I’ve had in a long time. I got plenty of sleep, spent time with some of my favorite people, saw a movie, organized part of my apartment, watched the brewing of beer, and actually made it through all of the Oscars without falling asleep.

Nothing beats a lunchtime walk around the neighborhood I work in.

I actually had a pretty sucky first half of Friday so I baked myself cupcakes…

…and they are delicious.

Saturday Erin and I went to see The Vow and I got a few words of wisdom from Dove.

Littlest Bug came with us and was so good! He sat on my lap throughout almost the whole movie and just watched the movie. Way to go, Izaak!

Saturday night I went to my dear friend Carrie’s [the gorgeous one in the middle] going away party at Hubbard Inn. I’m so so excited for her big move to the Big Apple next week!! (But selfishly going to miss her!)

Sunday was the most perfect Sunday. I woke up and had part of a lazy morning and then was inspired by the sunshine and beautiful day to be productive. Corey and I went to lunch and then out to Oak Park to brew some beer. (Correction, the boys did the brewing, I watched)

As we were getting ready to leave I asked if we were near a Target because it had been wayway too long since I had gotten my fix. So, he humored me and we went. Is it weird that going to Target with him is one of my favorite things to do? I was so proud of myself (both of us, really) for walking out with only what we needed.

He then dropped me off at home so I could sit on my bum for the next 3 hours and watch the Oscars. Yesssss!

Did you guys have a good weekend? Do anything fun? 

look what iGot!

23 Feb

That’s right! I got myself a shiny new iPhone 4S (with a pretty pink case, too!).

Obviously one of the first apps I got was Instagram. Oh goodness people. I’m in photo editing on my iPhone love.

It makes MY pictures look good!

Plus, it’s super simple since I always have my phone with me anyway.

Did you know that if you double tap the Home button you can access your camera without having to unlock your phone? (Thanks, Trish!)

I’ve had my phone for 8 days and while some people might say we are in the honeymoon phase I think they are wrong. This feeling won’t fade.

We spend lots of time together listening to books on tape, taking pictures, and playing random games while on the bus.

It helped me know where I was when I thought I got off at the wrong train station.

It allows me to quickly capture moments like this…

And, well, it just makes me feel cool 🙂

these are a few of my favorite things…

22 Feb

I have nearly 900 pins on my Pinterest boards. 128 are on my “Fashion” board alone. Obsessed much, Sarah?

So I’m going to share some of my [fashion] favorites!

1. this dress has summer by the lake date night written all over it.

2. just last summer did i start to wear shorts again. i know, i know… i’m crazy! but now i can’t wait to lay out by the lake this summer and wear shorts all the time.

3. i am madly in love with this dress. imagine it with the most perfect black pumps and a string of pearls. ooh lala. now i just need to find somewhere to wear it to… oh, and i need to buy it.

4.  i am now in search of a black and white striped cardigan.

5. can’t you see this with a bright belt and some fun heels? or maybe some red or green flats?

6. well, first. as you all know, i have a girl crush on sydney. and second, i want that scarf… and that striped top (i’m seeing a trend. notice #10.)

7. holy hot pink. i’m in love.

8. bright on bottom, dark on top. what a fun work getup!

9. i. want. these. i have no idea where i’d wear them, but it doesn’t matter… i need them in my closet. if they were in my closet they would probably be worn with jeans, skirts, work pants, leggings, sweats, and shorts. not even kidding. (kinda)

10. must try this! wear a sweater over a tight fitting dress for a different look.

11.  is it summer yet? i guess now is the time when i should be looking at my belly and booty and tell myself to start getting ready for it… this swimsuit is my motivation.

12. this outfit makes me think of fields, which make me think of stars, which make me think of starry nighttime kisses.

13. this is similar to what i wear to work almost everyday, but i need to start adding ruffles to my life.

14. Kate Spade. Nuff said.

15. swoon! i’m in love.

16. **imagines self tan and wearing this dress while riding the ferris wheel**

friends with benefits wins

10 Feb

No, no, no, people. This isn’t going to be a post about how I tell you all about how I have this guy friend that I make out, etc. with. I’ve got myself a cute boyfriend to make out with when I want.

I’m talking about…. Friends With Benefits…. the movie. And how it dominates in almost every way over No Strings Attached. Although, I will say that both movies have 2 [very] good looking lead actors. So, it wasn’t that difficult to sit and watch No Strings Attached. 😉

Friends with Benefits > No Strings Attached

Seriously people, there is no comparison. When everyone said that FWB was better in my mind I’m all “yeah, whatever. You lie” But I guess I was wrong. It was better in almost every way.


.Better acting.

.Better script.

.Not quite as predictable. [but it was a chick flick, so ya know…]

So there we have it. The great debate has been settled by yours truly.

Happy Friday!

two completely unrelated things

2 Feb

First, Corey had this up and well, I love it:

Absence diminishes small loves and increases great ones, as the wind blows out the candle and blows up the bonfire.

Second, after seeing this video ALL over Pinterest I decided to give in and finally watch it. I then proceeded to watch it at least 85 more time and will probably watch it another 515 times. Real talk.

chocolate in the morning

1 Feb
me:  how early is too early in the day to have chocolate?
Corey:  that question is asinine. there is no such thing.
its chocolate
me:  you are my favorite person on the planet
Corey:  😀
… because sometimes you just need chocolate in the morning.