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christmas in july

26 Jul

Guys. I have a serious wish list going on right now. I’m going to pretend like Christmas in July really does exist……. wouldn’t that be nice?!

1. Leopard Zipper Wallet Case by JAVOedge 

Apple iPhone 4 Leopard Zipper Wallet Case (Yellow)


2. Kate Spade watch “Seaport Grand” Beautiful. Just beautiful. Everything Kate makes is beautiful though. Like this and this and this

seaport grand


3. CuppowI use jars for drinks all the time. This would be so so convenient!


4. Audrey Hepburn canvas from IKEA. Or as IKEA has it advertised in the store Audrey Hepbum.

PJÄTTERYD Picture IKEA Motif created by Phil Handsley. The picture has extra depth and life because it's printed on high quality canvas.

Also on the list…

  • paint and a canvas.
  • an all expenses paid trip for two to an exotic location for 2 weeks.
  • a novel poster. seriously people, how amazing is that? I want this one.
  • a reading chair. sure, i have my couch and my bed, but wouldn’t a reading chair with a lamp behind it just be too perfect? 

That’s all. Just wanted to share my list 😉


let’s be happy

7 May

i really like to be happy. like, a lot.

this past weekend i had one or two unhappy moments and i took them so personally that it was hard to get over. generally i’m one of those people that can just decide to be happier and bam! just like that i am… give or take a couple hours. i regularly wish i could make others happier. not for my sake, but for theirs. when people are unhappy i want to find a way for them to be happy.

generally speaking, i really like when everyone is happy.

i don’t do well when i voice my concerns to someone and they technically acknowledge that they heard me, but don’t try to assure me that all will be okay. i need to be told all will be okay. 

this is me deciding to be happy. not just pretend like i’m over the unhappiness, just be happy. i think Abe had it right back in the day…

Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.  ~Abraham Lincoln

Be Happy.

wise words.

I think so.

my cray-cray week in pinterest pins

24 Apr

Do you like my original title up there? Yeah, I came up with that on my own.


I wish I was creative like that! But I’m not… which is why pinterest holds my attention… I can stare at other peoples’ creativity and cheer them on 😉

Things have been caraaayyyzeee at work this week. Or, as we like to say in our incredibly hip office: CRAY-CRAY. (Note: I do NOT say this outside of the office, but it seems to fit how we feel and goshdarnit, we feel cray)

So, here is how this week feels in pinterest pins

haha yup

yep. haha

never fails..



i hate that!

awwwwww baba!

It hasn’t been a bad week by any stretch, but it has definitely been a CRAY-CRAY week 😉