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confession: i fell off the horse

16 Apr

What horse? I don’t even know where the horse went.

So. Bottom line… I have stopped running.

It has been so cold/I have been so tired/I haven’t had anyone to push me/Excuse/Excuse/Excuse

I finished Week 1 and was halfway through Week 2 when I stopped… about 2 weeks ago. I know, yikes. Bad. Sad. Silly. Sarah and Corey have both agreed to be my tough love person with the running I surely don’t want to be yelled at from 200 miles away or by my boyfriend, so I best get to it!

I really didn’t want to run Saturday after having gone to see Hunger Games (which was AMAZING btw) and having nachos, chocolate, and coke. Lots of each of those. But then Corey said he’d go home and run too so even though neither of us wanted to we both would. An hour later I was out running the most pathetic run of my whole running life (ya know, a whole 4 weeks). I walked most of the way, but hey, I was back out there!

Not saying that Sarah and Corey can’t/won’t keep me motivated, but I needed something else to light a fire under me. So I signed up for the Torchlight Run, a 5K in JUNE! June 21st to be exact. According to the website that is exactly 66 days. I can run a 5K in 66 days, right?? RIGHT?!

Here’s to getting back on the horse!