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friday letters

13 Jul

peeta and katniss ♥

Dear new dress, I cannot wait to wear you!! And thanks for missing the belt when I went to buy you so I could get extra monies off!

Dear work week, Thank you for going by so quickly! I was positive it would take forever and it ended up flying by.

Dear sweet friends, Thank you for sending me lovely texts, emails, and calls after my post earlier in the week.

Dear Nicholas Sparks, Why does someone die in every one of your books? I just don’t get it.

Dear Friday the 13th, I’m not scared of you.

Dear Olympics, I CANNOT wait for you to begin!! I couldn’t care less that it’s going to be lovely summer weather… I plan on staying inside the entire 2 weeks to watch. All day every day. #USA!

Dear Katie, I’m sorry your marriage didn’t work out, but I’m glad you decided to dump Tom.

Dear Hunger Games series, WHYYYYY are you making me wait FOREVER until the rest of your movies come out?? I can hardly wait until August when HG comes out. #teampeeta


I don’t have much on the schedule for this weekend, but I’m pretty sure that’s exactly what I need. Here’s to a weekend of sun, laying out, shopping, sleeping in, reading, and maybe a glass of sangria (or 3…?) 🙂


friday letters

29 Jun

Dear really nice lady that helped me yesterday, Thank you. I really can’t say enough how grateful I am you knew I wasn’t okay and helped even when others wouldn’t. I appreciate you.

Dear Suzanne Collins, You wrote really, really great books! I just finished re-reading Catching Fire and wish I had Mockingjay with me right now. 

Dear people that keep talking about the heat, Please, just stop. I get it okay. The vast majority of you have some kind of cooler home to go to… I do not. (But huge thanks to Erin for offering to let me stay at your house last night!)

Dear popsicles, I. Love. You!

Dear WEEKEND! Hi, I’ve missed you! I’m ready to celebrate you every way possible! Just as soon as I get my dentist appointment out of the way.

Dear SarahCatherine, I CANNOT wait to see you! I really wasn’t joking when I said I might just pack up and come visit you one of these weekends. 

Dear boyfriend, Thanks for a really fantastic date on Wednesday. I love you!


Movie in the Park tonight with my seeester and all her boys 🙂

Soccer game watching with my girlfriends tomorrow afternoon!

Date night with my boo tomorrow night 😉

NADA on Sunday! 😀

It should be a good one!

xoxo, S

weekend update and summer!

20 Jun

Thankfully everything on Friday went really well and it turns out that I did get my dads genes because there was virtually no pain (except for a couple hours that first night), no bruising, no vomiting, no adverse reactions to any meds. Woo hoo! I wasn’t able to eat almost anything until yesterday so I’ve felt continuously nauseous from taking meds on an empty stomach. 

I spent my weekend watching a LOT of The West Wing (aka: the best show in the history of shows), reading, crocheting, and taking 4 hour naps everyday. My sister, her husband, and their kiddos had flowers delivered within an hour of getting home from the dentist, which was absolutely lovely 🙂 By Monday night I was sick and tired of being in my apartment so I brought a book to the lake and enjoyed some of the most perfect weather.

Thanks to Erin for all the spoiling on Friday!


In other news…


Here’s to beach days, margaritas, and sun dresses!



stay classy

23 May

Audrey HepburnI think it might be time for an Audrey Hepburn movie marathon soon.