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Does this mean I’m weird?

24 Jul

One of my favorite foods in the whole wide world is chips. I could eat chips everyday and be perfectly happy. I don’t have a huge sweet tooth, so this is my snack of choice. Within the chip family I’m a huge fan of chips and salsa. But I have one problem. I’m really picky when it comes to my salsa. I don’t like chunks of tomatoes and peppers and onions. (This is when I really miss living in South Bend, where I could get Hacienda chips and salsa any day of the week)

My solution to my store bought salsa problem?

Say hello to my trusty food processor!! Yup, that’s right. I food process the chunks right out of my store bought salsa. I’m sure I’m the only person who thinks it’s worth while to do this considering it takes twice as long to wash the machine, but trust me, it is.

Say goodbye to those pesky onion and pepper and tomato chunks!

 This is the (almost) final product! There are obviously a few chunks, but tons less. I pulsed the food processor a couple more times before calling it quits. “Such a difference!” <—- Name that movie!

Voila! Back into the jar my Tostitos chunky salsa goes. Check it out, it’s still all natural (well, as all natural as Tostitos can be) and much, much yummier. IMO. 🙂


Music in the Park

19 Jul

Oh summer, how I love you! Remember that post I wrote back in March/April about getting so excited about the festivals? Yup, festival season is here and I am a happy camper! Yesterday I went with my friends to Music in Millennium Park. First I met up with Sylwia for a quick bite to eat and then we headed to the park to meet everyone else. (btw, I had a ceasar salad from Cosi and would recommend it to anyone!)

It was so fantastic, everyone brought blankets, food, drinks and had such a fun time. It was about 90 degrees outside, so they put out sprinklers!! It was the perfect summer night.

Two of my favorite people in the whole entire wide world. Corey and Sylwia. They were two of the first people I met after I moved here and somehow we’re all still together. It’s fate. We’re planning a road trip together.

Corey and me! He’s the best. He makes me laugh uncontrollably while I’m at work and shouldn’t laugh uncontrollably. He’s going to be famous one day and I’m so glad that I can say that I knew him from “way back when”. See that shirt he’s wearing? That’s his band, Eat That Plastic. They rock. Check them out!

Muh frans! These people are going to make my Monday nights a heck of a lot less boring. (Except hanging out with them makes me look like I haven’t been outside in years)

Stanley’s dinner

16 Jul

Yesterday I went to Stanley’s, an amazing grocery store in Chicago where you can get great fruits, veggies, meats, breads, etc. Shopping trips to Stanley’s always makes me so happy because I can walk up to the check-out line and know that my debit card won’t catch on fire when I swipe it.
So! Here’s muh goodies! I bought one giant carrot, asparagus, zucchini, yellow squash, mushrooms, an onion, along with potatoes, nectarines, bananas, and other yummy stuff I can’t remember. Remember how I said that my debit card didn’t catch on fire when I swiped it? That’s because all that food was only $12!! What you see in the picture is only a portion of what I got. I made out, kids!

Now, the fun part. Cooking it!!

First, I sauteed the onion and carrot (in olive oil, with some salt) since they take longer. My pan isn’t that big, so next time I’d cut the carrots smaller. I usually do, but I was so excited about this dinner that I just wanted to get cookin’. Don’t judge the carrots that are all over the stove, I had issues.

After the onion and carrot have softened, I add in the other veggies. About a minute after that I add in some paprika. I add paprika to… everything. It’s definitely my go-to spice. It goes with everything!

The next, and last, step is to saute it until you think it’s done!

Voila! My Stanley’s dinner! I ate this, and then I ate some more of this. And then I ate more of it for lunch the next day. (I make a lot) Nothing beats that first meal after going to Stanley’s… especially in the middle of summer where everything is at its freshest. So good!

awkward & awesome thursday!

7 Jul


  • Every morning when I go to take a shower I can hear my neighbor turn on the water at the same time and I told a friend that I hoped it wasn’t a guy because I didn’t like the thought of showering at the exact same time as a guy just through the wall and on our way home Saturday we saw who lives there… and it’s totally a guy! 
  • Walking down the hall in the building I work having a fake arguement with someone (in my head) and realizing that I’m doing all the facial expressions. At first I thought nobody was looking. I was wrong.
  • I’ve never really been one to stumble through my words after a glass (or two?) of wine, but my goodness, after two glasses while out with friends I could not say podcast to save my life. It kept coming out as “padcast” (And then getting an email the next morning saying that my friend was glad my “padcast” was done…)
  • Making salsa for a cookout, thinking it looked amazing and then… I tried it. Here’s a tip… when the recipe calls for half a lime, don’t add more just because it smells good.
  • Watching New in Town by myself on a Saturday night and unexpectedly liking it! 
  • Celebrating my first 4th of July in Chicago. It was amazing! I went to a friends rooftop to watch the fireworks and you could see hundreds and hundreds of fireworks going off all over the city. Seriously, people… everywhere! (Plus, look at the amazing picture of the skyline!)
  • Celebrating Danielle’s birthday!! This lucky gal got to work with the birthday gal all day and then go out with a bunch of great people to celebrate. Danielle picked Kin Sushi & Thai and it was delicious. Their crab rangoon? TO DIE FOR!! 
  • Realizing that I only have 6 more weeks of school…. EVERRRR!!!!