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weekend happenings

4 Jun

This weekend was BUSY, but good 🙂 Here’s what happened…

ONE. I ate Taco Bell in the car, while driving, on 4 hours of sleep. I really don’t recommend it, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

TWO. Friday was National Doughnut Day, so Erin and I did what anybody in their right mind would do. We went to Krispy Kreme and got free doughnuts! The best part? We went to KK before dinner.  We were probably just as excited to do this in our 20s as we were as kids. 

THREE. Except for the 2 minutes it took me to eat my doughnut, I spent the entire weekend eating Chipotle and Hacienda chips and Salsa. I don’t even like Chipotle, but Hacienda salsa makes it taste amazing. If I could eat their salsa all by itself I would. But then I wouldn’t have any friends.

FOUR. This was some of my drive around town music. The song boyfriend wrote for me and gave me for my birthday last year. 

FIVE. My sisters and I spent the whole weekend going through some of my moms and grandmas things and lemme tell you, there was some random stuff! “Look! It’s Chick and Dick in candy form!”

SIX. My grandma was amazing. She made such beautiful clothes and blankets. Essentially anything she crocheted was beautiful. I hope one day I can make things half as well as she did. This was a pink baby sweater. I love the tag.


SEVEN. Paul and I thought it would be funny to see if Izaak’s little booty would fit into this cubby in my back seat. Turns out, it was a perfect fit! And the kid loved it! 

EIGHT. Paul “drove” us to Ohio. He was thrilled to get to sit in the drivers seat. I even let him press a few buttons 🙂 (The car was safely parked and the keys safely in my pocket)

I finally got home around 7 last night, walked into my apartment and just stood there. I know I’m the exception, but I really do like unpacking all my things after moving. I was just exhausted from the weekend and had NO idea where the essentials were: shower curtain, work clothes, etc. I spent the next 2 hours setting things up the best I could and then crashed HARD.
Not all that exciting, but incredibly productive! I’m hoping to have my tv set up by tonight so I can watch the Bachelorette! I made Erin watch the first couple episodes of it over the weekend 🙂

ALSO. Hugehugehuge thank you to my amazing boyfriend for helping me move. You are my favorite. Love you!


spring shower!

26 May

See that beautiful couple on the right? Today is their baby shower!!

We all went to dinner MONTHS ago and that was the last time I saw Roxy so I haven’t even see her adorable baby belly in person. I’ve seen some photos and let me tell you, she looks amazing. I can’t wait to rub the belly and give mama and papa BIG hugs. 

I really am so happy for them and cannot wait to meet their little bundle in July 🙂

(please don’t mind my weirdly closed eyes – im not capable of taking a good picture with multiple people in it)

big bear hugs

22 May

I don’t have much patience when it comes to waiting for the things I want. I get anxious and wonder why it hasn’t happened yet. Especially lately. I have so many goals, wants, wishes, and hopes that I can’t figure out why they aren’t ALL happening right NOW. I feel like I’m taking action toward achieving my goals, but I’m not there yet. While it gets frustrating I do try to remember what I do have going for me RIGHT NOW. Where I am right now. What I’m doing right now. Who I’m spending my time with right now. I will never be able to get these moments back. Sure, I’m not where I ultimately want to be with everything, but why rush? A couple of weeks ago I was at my sisters house and I called my nephew over, picked him up, and asked him to give me a big bear hug. He did it, but then asked why I wanted a big bear hug. Because I won’t be able to pick you up and ask for big bear hugs forever. At some point he’ll be too big. At some point he won’t want to give Aunt Sarah big bear hugs [he’s still going to get them, he just might not like it as much :)]. 

Here’s to enjoying big bear hugs right now and not wishing away these fantastic and little and beautiful moments in my life.

here’s what i’ve been up to

21 May

here’s what my phone tells me i’ve been up to lately…

eating and drinking:

photo.JPG             photo.JPG

photo.JPG           photo.JPG

photo.JPG                           photo.JPG


(Contrary to how it looks – I am NOT an alcoholic… )

Window shopping:

photo.JPG                  photo.JPG

photo.JPG                  photo.JPG

Spending time with Littlest Bug:

photo.JPG                  photo.JPG

photo.JPG                  photo.JPG

Date night with the boyfriend:

photo.JPG                            photo.JPG

photo.JPG             photo.JPG

Finding some awesome pictures from my second birthday:

photo.JPG                     photo.JPG

Dropping a bottle of (black) nail polish and watching it paint my floor:


Driving down Lake Shore Drive with the boyfriend, the pup and the windows down:


Going to see the Hunger Games for the THIRD TIME!:


You know you’re …. When …

4 Apr

I’ve come across a few blogs/articles lately with the title “You know you’re pregnant when…” and as I read through the bullet points I think I do/say some of those…

And I’m NOT pregnant. 

A few of my favorites…

I eat ALL the time! -Um… me too. Cravings too. I can’t say the word “crave” without people assuming. You know what happens when you assume, right?? 

I am SO tired at the end of the day -Me too. Mine is because I wake up at 6ish, sit all day and that just exhausts me. Legit.

I cry at every movie/show/commercial I watch -I am a self-proclaimed movie/show/commercial crier. Not one bit ashamed either.

I am so forgetful! -What did I come to the store for?

“My boobs feel weird” -I can never tell people when this happens because they go all OMG YOU’RE GOING TO HAVE A BABY! No. I’m not. Someday, but soooo not today.

SPEAKING OF BABIES (i know i know, i wasn’t exactly talking about babies, but so what), check out who I got to spend this entire past weekend with 🙂

would you look at that face! haha… it was RIGHT before a huge giggle 🙂

sunday morning laziness 😉

 this cracked me and Erin up

(NOTE. Don’t get me wrong. I have never been pregnant so I’m not saying that what I do/go through is the same thing. Between my 2 sisters I’ve seen 5 pregnancies so I do know I can’t compare – just found it a little funny.)


23 Mar

Happy 4th birthday, Gracie!!