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spring shower!

26 May

See that beautiful couple on the right? Today is their baby shower!!

We all went to dinner MONTHS ago and that was the last time I saw Roxy so I haven’t even see her adorable baby belly in person. I’ve seen some photos and let me tell you, she looks amazing. I can’t wait to rub the belly and give mama and papa BIG hugs. 

I really am so happy for them and cannot wait to meet their little bundle in July 🙂

(please don’t mind my weirdly closed eyes – im not capable of taking a good picture with multiple people in it)


confession: i fell off the horse

16 Apr

What horse? I don’t even know where the horse went.

So. Bottom line… I have stopped running.

It has been so cold/I have been so tired/I haven’t had anyone to push me/Excuse/Excuse/Excuse

I finished Week 1 and was halfway through Week 2 when I stopped… about 2 weeks ago. I know, yikes. Bad. Sad. Silly. Sarah and Corey have both agreed to be my tough love person with the running I surely don’t want to be yelled at from 200 miles away or by my boyfriend, so I best get to it!

I really didn’t want to run Saturday after having gone to see Hunger Games (which was AMAZING btw) and having nachos, chocolate, and coke. Lots of each of those. But then Corey said he’d go home and run too so even though neither of us wanted to we both would. An hour later I was out running the most pathetic run of my whole running life (ya know, a whole 4 weeks). I walked most of the way, but hey, I was back out there!

Not saying that Sarah and Corey can’t/won’t keep me motivated, but I needed something else to light a fire under me. So I signed up for the Torchlight Run, a 5K in JUNE! June 21st to be exact. According to the website that is exactly 66 days. I can run a 5K in 66 days, right?? RIGHT?!

Here’s to getting back on the horse!

friday + memories

23 Mar

Hey, soooo… bummer about this rain, eh, Chicago?

Even the rain can’t bring down how happy I am that it’s FRIDAY!!

Before I get into weekend plans, I want to share something with you. If you know me from… well… ever, you’ll know that I’ve always been a self-proclaimed hater of running. As a kid I would run and run and run everywhere, but as soon as I started getting more serious about my dancing career I was told NOT to run. Everyone said it would put extra – and unnecessary – strain on my knees and hips and it would potentially harm the muscles needed for particular movements.

People had a really hard time grasping the concept that running and dancing don’t always go together, so when people asked if I ran I would just tell them I hated to run. Easy, right? Saved me from having to explain it and then the inevitable will you dance a jig for me?

Long story short (too late for that?) I’ve recently started running and I love it. 🙂


Weekend plans include (but are most def. not limited to): a hunger games party, dinner with friends, watching my man’s band play, kisses, happy dances (I’ll tell you why on Monday 😉 ) annnnnd other FAB weekend things like sleeping in, cleaning, and sleeping in some more.



I don’t know about you guys, but I’m so sad that Picnik is closing next month. That’s where I make my collages, add text, and generally mix things up.

BUT! Have no fear… There is someplace new that the awesome Sarah (from Simply Sarah) wrote about on her blog called MyMemories. It’s a digital scrapbook maker and it looks pretty dang awesome.

The best part??

There is a GIVEAWAY on her blog going on right NOW. So, get your booty over to Simply Sarah and win it.


St. Partrick’s Day!

19 Mar
Happy (belated) St. Patrick’s Day!

Before I jump into the few pictures/story of what I did, you should take a look at Erin’s St. Patrick’s Day post that made me nostalgic. She hit the nail on the head and I loved looking back on our dancing years together. Have I ever mentioned that I Irish danced? It was a huge part of my life for well over a decade, both dancing in shows and competing. Loved it all! Over the years I got to meet some really fabulous people and experience once in a lifetime events.


 This year Corey and I went for brunch at Salt & Pepper Diner and then met up with some friends and headed up to Wrigleyville for an afternoon of drinking at Bernie’s. Later Corey and I took his dog for a walk, ate dinner, and cuddled up on the couch and watched The Seven Year Itch. It was a good day 🙂

Hope you all had a fab weekend!



9 Mar

It’s finally HERE!! Our beloved Friday.

The office I worked in during college was a Friday lovin‘ crowd and we’d play all the Friday related songs we could think of. I’m not going to tell you what mine is because you might judge me. (But if you really want to know you can find out here… and if you do you are not allowed to judge. Deal?)


I don’t have a TON planned this weekend, but I am going to a concert Saturday night that I am THRILLED about!!

I’m going to see Julia Nunes for the 3rd time in just over 2 years… wahoooo! Here’s to hoping she’ll bust out some Buttercup and Sunshine.

Or maybe we could get a little Lovin’ from her? (Bahh!! I was totally there! I was actually standing next to Todd, who was taking the video).

Now, I suppose me going to a concert Saturday night all depends on how tonight goes first. Staying in line with trying to make it to 2 workout classes per week I am going to an abs class tonight, but this isn’t just any abs class… it’s called… HARDCORE ABS. For real. It’s in all caps on their website too. I’m scared. And might be scarred after.

So assuming I can still physically move tomorrow, I’ll be hanging out with Julia, Corey, and Todd. Woooooo!

Happy Friday!! xoxo