weekend update and summer!

20 Jun

Thankfully everything on Friday went really well and it turns out that I did get my dads genes because there was virtually no pain (except for a couple hours that first night), no bruising, no vomiting, no adverse reactions to any meds. Woo hoo! I wasn’t able to eat almost anything until yesterday so I’ve felt continuously nauseous from taking meds on an empty stomach. 

I spent my weekend watching a LOT of The West Wing (aka: the best show in the history of shows), reading, crocheting, and taking 4 hour naps everyday. My sister, her husband, and their kiddos had flowers delivered within an hour of getting home from the dentist, which was absolutely lovely 🙂 By Monday night I was sick and tired of being in my apartment so I brought a book to the lake and enjoyed some of the most perfect weather.

Thanks to Erin for all the spoiling on Friday!


In other news…


Here’s to beach days, margaritas, and sun dresses!




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