You know you’re …. When …

4 Apr

I’ve come across a few blogs/articles lately with the title “You know you’re pregnant when…” and as I read through the bullet points I think I do/say some of those…

And I’m NOT pregnant. 

A few of my favorites…

I eat ALL the time! -Um… me too. Cravings too. I can’t say the word “crave” without people assuming. You know what happens when you assume, right?? 

I am SO tired at the end of the day -Me too. Mine is because I wake up at 6ish, sit all day and that just exhausts me. Legit.

I cry at every movie/show/commercial I watch -I am a self-proclaimed movie/show/commercial crier. Not one bit ashamed either.

I am so forgetful! -What did I come to the store for?

“My boobs feel weird” -I can never tell people when this happens because they go all OMG YOU’RE GOING TO HAVE A BABY! No. I’m not. Someday, but soooo not today.

SPEAKING OF BABIES (i know i know, i wasn’t exactly talking about babies, but so what), check out who I got to spend this entire past weekend with 🙂

would you look at that face! haha… it was RIGHT before a huge giggle 🙂

sunday morning laziness 😉

 this cracked me and Erin up

(NOTE. Don’t get me wrong. I have never been pregnant so I’m not saying that what I do/go through is the same thing. Between my 2 sisters I’ve seen 5 pregnancies so I do know I can’t compare – just found it a little funny.)


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