14 Mar

The following is a conversation I had with a friend yesterday, almost verbatim. 

Me: Yeesssss?

Friend: Sarah, do you like hockey?

Me: Ya know.

Friend: Does your boyfriend like hockey?

Me: Ya know.

Friend: I have two tickets to a hockey game tonight, if you want to go. They’re front row seats.

Me: Say whaaaaa!!! Blackhawks, right?

Friend: Ya know. She didn’t really say that, but it would have been cool if she did. Her real answer was “Yes”

Me: I LOVE hockey!

**Immediately cancels yoga class that was scheduled for that night**

Friend: Well, good. Did I mention that they are front row seats?

Me: YES!! I’ll get to see them up close and personal and BEAT EACH OTHER UP!

Friend: So, you want the tickets?

Me: Yeah, I guess. I SO did not actually say this, I actually said, ARE YOU FLIPPIN KIDDING ME! OF COURSE I’LL TAKE THEM! Even if it means I have to take some random person or I could always give my purse its own seat.

Friend: You should really see about bringing someone you know though.

Me: Okay fine.


Last night Corey and I went to my first, his not first, Blackhawks game! We had the best time! Not only did we get to go to a Blackhawks game AND sit in the front row where we could easily see when the Hawks scored, but my friend also gave us a VIP parking pass so we parked for free RIGHT next to the United Center. Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about.

one. Last night was my first time being in the United Center and I made sure I experienced [almost] all of it. You can kind of get a glimpse at the 20,000+ people that were there. It was insane!

two. FIGHT!!!!!!!! is it mean of me to say that the fights were some of my favorite parts of the night??

three. We walked took the escalator up a few flights to see everything.

four. I was SO excited that there was only that itty bitty glass wall between me and the fights players. Which, by the way, I picked a favorite player. His name is Marcus Kruger and he is #16. After walking through the crowds of people trying to pick a name/number combo I liked I wasn’t finding anything, but within 5 minutes of sitting back down my man Kruger SLAMMED into the glass right in front of me. So I picked him as my favorite. Logical, right?

five. My friend also gave us passes to the Ketel One Club where we enjoyed our beverage of choice. Ooooh!

six. A very nice woman offered to take our picture, which was perfect because we were going to try and find someone to take it. Yes, it’s blurry, but we both loved it anyway 🙂

seven. Boys 😉

eight. Classy!

Again… THANK YOU FRIEND!! We had such a great night!


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