9 Mar

It’s finally HERE!! Our beloved Friday.

The office I worked in during college was a Friday lovin‘ crowd and we’d play all the Friday related songs we could think of. I’m not going to tell you what mine is because you might judge me. (But if you really want to know you can find out here… and if you do you are not allowed to judge. Deal?)


I don’t have a TON planned this weekend, but I am going to a concert Saturday night that I am THRILLED about!!

I’m going to see Julia Nunes for the 3rd time in just over 2 years… wahoooo! Here’s to hoping she’ll bust out some Buttercup and Sunshine.

Or maybe we could get a little Lovin’ from her? (Bahh!! I was totally there! I was actually standing next to Todd, who was taking the video).

Now, I suppose me going to a concert Saturday night all depends on how tonight goes first. Staying in line with trying to make it to 2 workout classes per week I am going to an abs class tonight, but this isn’t just any abs class… it’s called… HARDCORE ABS. For real. It’s in all caps on their website too. I’m scared. And might be scarred after.

So assuming I can still physically move tomorrow, I’ll be hanging out with Julia, Corey, and Todd. Woooooo!

Happy Friday!! xoxo


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    […] errands and then went to hang out with my friend Julia Nunes, you know, the one I told you about here. AND to my utter happiness she did bust out some Sunshine and Buttercup! Woot […]

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