52/52: halfway point

5 Mar

Holy smokes! Has it already been SIX months since starting 52/52??? It’s halfway over!

I’ve always said that I’d read when I wanted to and wouldn’t beat myself up if I didn’t feel like it for a couple weeks. WELL. A couple weeks turned into about 2 months. Oopsies. I’ve been busy?

You know when you’re so motivated to do something and you stick with it for a while and then just stop? And in the middle of the dry spell you wonder why you were so focused before and now… you’re. just. not. I realized that I terribly miss my all time favorite reading spot: by the lake. I miss coming home from work, putting on my bathing suit and laying out and reading for the evening. Or once it got colder I’d grab a hoodie and blanket and sit under a tree. It was such an Oprah “AHA!” moment to realize that. Spring is just around the corner and I’ll be able to grab a blanket and head outside again, but until then I need to suck it up and find a favorite winter spot.

(Hey Chicagoans, any suggestions?? Especially in the Lakeview area!)

Something I have started doing since getting my iPhone is listening to eBooks (well, okay, one so far). It’s so great to be able to sit on the bus to and from work, listen to my book, and people watch at the same time.

Besides not being exactly where I thought I’d be I am still so proud of what I’m doing. (And you, too, Erin!!)

I love that I’ve read books that I’ve heard about forever, but never got around to, or read books that I’ve never heard of, OR read book that I never thought I’d care about in a million years. There were a couple of times I’d start a book, get a few chapters into it and know that I didn’t care one bit if I finished it… so I didn’t. (I’m lookin’ at you Around the World in Eighty Days)

SO! Here I am, 6 months in…

So far my favorite book has been: Blink

So far my least favorite book has been: Water for Elephants (don’t hate! I just don’t see what all the hype was about and was really bored by it)

Books read: 20/52

(I thought my 6 month post would be much more exciting, but maybe I’m saving all my excitement for my BIG one year CELEBRATION!?? 🙂 )


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