stupid germs

28 Feb

About a month ago my office was hit was hit with a plague.

This plague was awful and seemed deadly.

Every. Single. Person. In my office came down with some awfulawful version of a gross sickness. The stomach flu, a 30 day cough/runny nose, bronchitis, you name it. They each took turns taking sick days and tried to coordinate who would get to take what days off.

Everyone… EXCEPT ME.

How you like them apples, co-workers? Sorry, that wasn’t very nice. Which is probably why, now that they are all healthy and enjoying this non-winter that we seem to be having here in Chicago, I am sick.

I’m not nearly as sick as they were, but yesterday I think I sneezed somewhere around 51 billion times and I’ve already surpassed that quota this morning. I feel fine otherwise so I’m hoping it won’t turn into something worse. That would put a huge damper on getting an extra day this year if I have to spend it in bed with a box of tissues, a vat of chicken noodle soup, and watching Pride & Prejudice on repeat.

Actually that sounds pretty awesome.

That’s all. I just wanted to share that I have this itty bitty cold.

I hope you are having a healthier Tuesday than me!


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