these are a few of my favorite things…

22 Feb

I have nearly 900 pins on my Pinterest boards. 128 are on my “Fashion” board alone. Obsessed much, Sarah?

So I’m going to share some of my [fashion] favorites!

1. this dress has summer by the lake date night written all over it.

2. just last summer did i start to wear shorts again. i know, i know… i’m crazy! but now i can’t wait to lay out by the lake this summer and wear shorts all the time.

3. i am madly in love with this dress. imagine it with the most perfect black pumps and a string of pearls. ooh lala. now i just need to find somewhere to wear it to… oh, and i need to buy it.

4.  i am now in search of a black and white striped cardigan.

5. can’t you see this with a bright belt and some fun heels? or maybe some red or green flats?

6. well, first. as you all know, i have a girl crush on sydney. and second, i want that scarf… and that striped top (i’m seeing a trend. notice #10.)

7. holy hot pink. i’m in love.

8. bright on bottom, dark on top. what a fun work getup!

9. i. want. these. i have no idea where i’d wear them, but it doesn’t matter… i need them in my closet. if they were in my closet they would probably be worn with jeans, skirts, work pants, leggings, sweats, and shorts. not even kidding. (kinda)

10. must try this! wear a sweater over a tight fitting dress for a different look.

11.  is it summer yet? i guess now is the time when i should be looking at my belly and booty and tell myself to start getting ready for it… this swimsuit is my motivation.

12. this outfit makes me think of fields, which make me think of stars, which make me think of starry nighttime kisses.

13. this is similar to what i wear to work almost everyday, but i need to start adding ruffles to my life.

14. Kate Spade. Nuff said.

15. swoon! i’m in love.

16. **imagines self tan and wearing this dress while riding the ferris wheel**


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