brie, oh how i love thee..

26 Jan

Let’s be real here… I’m not the most domestic gal out there. But when I cook dinner for the boyfriend I want it to taste good while at least attempting to look sexy while cooking it. Even if it means making the exact same meal twice in a week… first time with a friend or by myself and the second time for the boyfriend.

(Side note: my old roommate and I used to have “boyfriend dinner” where we would go through a trial run of cooking a dish in order to look like a pro when we finally did make it for our lead guy. Turns out we never really made anything for the boys, just for each other .. ha!)


I did make this for Corey and we. loved. it! 

Puff pastry, brie cheese, and spinach… what more could you want?

Sauteed onions and carrots, you say?

Somehow he always seems to pull off the looking-sexy-while-cooking-for-girlfriend thing.

Oh heaven above! Would ya look at that? 

Really people. It’s good. We made it again last weekend and thought it turned out even better. Go us!


The other night I made Deconstructed Cabbage Roll Soup. After I tried the first bite of it I thought “Oh snap… that’s good!”  A huge thanks to Erin for sharing the recipe! It was [almost] as good as yours. 🙂


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