awkward & awesome thursday!

19 Jan


  • Asking my sister if she reads my blog and her reply being “oh yeah! I look forward to Friday’s when you post awkward and awesome thursday”
  • Taking the time to make an awesomeawesome lunch and then leaving it on the counter.
  • The lady that works at Starbucks knows exactly what drink I get now.
  • I have officially gotten my first real wet willy. Is it weird that I’m kind of proud of that? Yes?  Okay.
  • Derek: Do you know who this is? Me: No. Derek: It’s Led Zeppelin. Please tell me you’ve heard of Led Zeppelin. Me: Of course I’ve heard of him. Derek [laughing really hard]: It’s not a HIM… it’s a BAND.
  • Going straight from strawberry gum to carrots and peanut butter. I don’t recommend it.
  • Trish, the taller of my two sisters, came up and put her arms over my shoulders so wrapped both arms around her and then a minute later went to take my front arm away and started to leave my hand on her stomach. (A move reserved for the boyfriend) I could feel myself blushing immediately and hoped she didn’t notice. WRONG. She did. She started laughing and told me there was nothing in there so I didn’t need to rub her belly. ha! I obviously need to spend more time hugging other people.
  • Wearing see-through leggings and not realizing it. The funniest part? I told the boyfriend that I realized they were see-through and you know what he said? “Yeah, I know” He said he thought I knew. ha!


  • Going to the Glenwood Sunday Market and leaving with muffins, tea, and a pie.
  • Catching up on my 52/52. During my job transition I got a couple weeks behind so I’m now trying to get caught up.
  • Sometimes I forget that the boyfriend wrote me a song and then I remember and feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
  • Someone not related to me or one of my friends commented on one of my posts!
  • Getting a week off from work between Christmas and NY!! It was full of family, boyfriend, reading, taking long walks, time with friends, movies, food, and you know, other stuff.
  • I started watching Notting Hill about 5 years ago and finally finished watching it. The end was exactly what I thought it would be.
  • Celebrating Joey’s SIXTH birthday! I can hardly believe my little Joey is old enough to be losing teeth, talking about school, and is almost too big for me to pick up (keyword: almost… I have every intention of being that annoying aunt that tries and that gives too many kisses)
  • I crocheted my first hat!
  • While I was on the train crocheting said first hat this guy started talking to me about how it was a dying art and then… **drum roll please** He asked if he could buy one!! Seriously guy on train, you made my day!!
  • Seeing the boyfriends face light up when I gave him his incredibly late Christmas gift. He does so so many great things for me it was nice to get him something he really wanted. (A Netflix subscription)
  • I heart Falafill. A lot 🙂

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