internet? what’s that…?

14 Jan

What I’m about to say might come as a shock to most (all?) of you.

I have cancelled my internet at home.

That’s right. I no longer have access to internet in my apartment and I’m still alive! I’ll be honest, it pretty much sucked at first. I didn’t know what to do with myself. I couldn’t listen to pandora, browse pinterest, blog, chat, waste away my nights anymore. What the heck was I supposed to do with my time??? Oh, right… other stuff.

It’s amazing the things you I can accomplish when you aren’t I’m not distracted. Within the first two weeks of life without internet I cleaned out my hall closet, rearranged my bedroom, cooked awesome meals, baked, spent more time outside my apartment, met up with more people, went to bed earlier, read lots more, and generally enjoyed my time more.

The first question people ask me when I tell them this is, “WHY???” Which I totally understand. Until I decided to do it I would have asked the same thing. It wasn’t exactly an easy choice… who really wants to go without internet? But when it came right down to it I didn’t need it. I am at work for 10  hours a day M-F with access to internet, I live within half a mile of 17 coffee shops (give or take), I have 24/7 access to either the best friend or boyfriend if I really need something. I’m trying to simplify things and save money at the same time.

I know for a big fat fact that I will not go forever without internet, I’m just trying it on for a bit. It’ll be interesting to see how long I last – I really do miss Netflix!!


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