love letters

10 Jan

A letter from Ronald Reagan to Nancy Reagan, Christmas Day:

Dear Wife,

A few days ago you told me I was angry with you. I tried to explain I was frustrated with myself. But later on I realized that my frustration might have been a touch of self-pity because I’d been going around feeling that you are frequently angry with me.

No more. We are so much “one” that you are as vital to me as my own heart-with one exception; you could never be replaced with a transplant.

Whatever I treasure and enjoy – this home, our ranch, the sight of the sea – all would be without meaning if I didn’t have you. I live in a permanent Christmas because God gave me you. As I write this, you are hurrying by – back and forth doing things only you can do and I get a feeling of warm happiness just watching you. That’s why I can’t pass you or let you pass me without reaching to touch you. (Except now or you would see what I’m doing.)

I’ll write no more because I’m going to catch up with you wherever you are and hold you for a moment. 

Merry Christmas Darling – I love you with all my heart.

Your Husband

When did people stop writing letters like this? I have one letter Corey wrote to me long before we were dating and even though it wasn’t a “love” letter I can assure you I will forever keep that letter.

Sometimes I wish people still sent letters instead of emails and text messages. There is nothing like holding a piece of paper from someone you love knowing they held that paper and took the time to write out those words.

But then I get a text from my boyfriend just saying hi and realize it’s not all bad. 🙂

P.S. This whole nobody-writes-letters-anymore thing doesn’t include Sarah.


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