Deck the halls!

23 Dec

I’ve been listening to Christmas music 24/7 for a couple weeks now and am so excited to head back to South Bend tomorrow to celebrate Christmas with my family.


We are pretty big Christmas Eve people in my fam. We typically go to Mass and then head home for a huge dinner that includes everything you can imagine. For a number of years it was my mom, sisters and me, which was perfect in its own way, but soon boyfriends/husbands/kids/in-laws came into the picture and we happily expanded. Christmas Eve is when we exchange inter-family gifts, but this year we agreed that we’re only getting the kids gifts, which I’m still super excited about giving them. The big kids are getting Roald Dahl books and the little boys are getting toys.

Christmas Day has always been spent opening gifts, making “Christmas Morning Breakfast” and spending the day in pjs watching Christmas movies. Last year my mom and I didn’t move from the bed where we watched Food Network Christmas specials all day and played with her new computer in our pjs.  Trish, Jonathon, Joey and Grace (Thomas wasn’t born yet) stopped by later in the day and when I answered the door I was greeted with smiles, hugs, and a loud “MERRY CHRISTMAS, AUNT SARAH!!” from the kiddos. Love.

Erin stopped by a little later and I must have been drunk with Christmas cheer because on my way to the door I completely wiped out. I fell and stayed there for a few seconds before getting up and hobbling to the door. Poor Erin didn’t get quite the lively greeting that the earlier crowd did! But we all enjoyed the warmth of the bed and talked about how amazing the beef stew was that I had made for lunch. (It was the first and last time I made it that I could say with full confidence that it was good)

This year I’ll be at Bob’s (Erin’s father-in-law) house Christmas Eve and will be enjoying their traditions. Then I’ll head over and spend time with T&J plus kids.

I still have so much to do before tomorrow! Wrapping, cleaning, packing, boyfriend time, etc. I hope everyone has a nice weekend!

Merry Christmas!!


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