awkward & awesome thursday!

9 Dec


  • Everyday at work between 9-10AM I sneeze 3 times. Not necessarily in a row, but sometimes it is.
  • Speaking of sneezing, I recently met Corey’s dog and found out I’m allergic to him. He’s too cute and fun to stay away from though so I’ll have to figure out what I should do/take while I’m there. (Any suggestion?!)
  • I’m posting this on a Friday, again.
  • My list of lists. I love making lists, but lately it has gotten a little ridiculous.


  • Celebrating Rikki’s birthday by going to Zoo Lights, Noodles in the Pot, and out for drinks after!
  • Seeester came over for lunch and hung out long enough that we ended up having dinner together too. That was a nice surprise.
  • Free (delicious) lunch at work.
  • Date night with boyfriend. He made me dinner (eggplant cheesy yumminess) and we watched Anastasia, which is definitely one of my favorite movies.
  • Planning Trish’s Chicago birthday visit! I love birthdays and am soso excited to celebrate hers officially 🙂
  • Watching the little daycare kiddos walking by the office twice a day singing and having a great time. I love that they don’t seem to notice that it’s freezing, they are just happyhappy.
  • Feeling like I’m finally settling into my job. I have a routine that ensures that I don’t need to stand outside in the cold for more than 3 minutes waiting for a bus or train either direction.

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