Yesterday vs. Today

7 Dec
I normally don’t drink anything with caffeine after my morning trip to Starbucks, but yesterday I did.
Yesterday I had more caffeine.
I normally drink lots of water throughout the day to balance me out, but yesterday I didn’t.
Yesterday I drank no water.
I normally think clearly and understand normal things people say to me, but yesterday I didn’t.
Yesterday I couldn’t comprehend very normal things people were saying to me.
I normally at least try to have decent conversations with my boyfriend, but yesterday I didn’t.
Yesterday I said dumb things to my boyfriend.
Exhibit A:
Corey:  its only tuesday.
 me:  ughhhfjo3e; ajzmciow;udf 8oa
we need to live in a world with a 4 day workweek
 Corey:  my friend john came up with a great 3-day week theory. 3 on, 3 off.
 me:  where did you put the 7th day?
oh wait
Today I ate breakfast before having any coffee.
Today I made myself wait until I had been at work for 2 hours before getting said coffee.
Today I am making sure I drink plenty of water.
Today I woke up late so that might be why it was easy for me to wait 2 hours for coffee.
Today is already going much smoother than yesterday and it’s only 10AM!
Tonight Corey and I are having an at-home date night and I’m pretty darn excited about it 🙂

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