3 Dec

Dear Sarah Catherine,

This post is long over-do. I have spent the past 3+ months trying to figure out whether I should write our entire love story or keep it simple. I think I’ve done a little bit of both. Sorry it’s taken so long, but here it is!

Love, Sarah Jane


This past August, Sarah and Craig came to visit! Craig was technically here for a conference, but Sarah and I used that as SarahSquared time. I want to say a hugehugehuge thanks to Craig for bringing Sarah to me!

Sarah and I met at BSU and have spent the past few years becoming better and better friends. We’ve only had the chance to see each other a couple times since I moved away 2.5 years ago, but we pretty much stalk each other in every way possible except in person. That’s how we roll.

Sarah pointed out something on her blog about us having the same name that I should say here too. She was kind enough to let me copy and paste the paragraph she wrote…

Okay this is where it gets slightly weird. (For you, the audience; not the cast, that is.) Having the same name as each other only makes us that much better friends. It’s like when you were in 5th grade and wanted a Giga Pet just like your best friend and every other 12 year-old-girl you knew. You just feel that much closer to each other, even if you weren’t actually together. Okay so even though that example is far from the bond Sarah and I have, it’s the best I’ve got right now.

Now, back to her visit! Sarah made it to the city on an awesomely sunny afternoon, met me at my office, where we may or may not have nearly ran up to each other and hugged for 2 minutes. It had been almost a year since we had seen each other and we didn’t care about office awkwardness in the slightest. After that we decided it was the perfect Bean day, so we walked over to Millennium Park talking the whole way about anything and everything that popped into our heads.

This is one of my favorite pictures of us… and it describes our Day 1 together perfectly. (Thanks Sarah for let me steal this from you, too!) After the Bean we slowly made our way back to up Lakeview so she could see my neighborhood/apartment/life. We spent the next hour or so sitting on my couch, talking about jobs, boys, how she should move to Chicago so we can live together… you know, the usual. THEN, we went back downtown, picked up Sylwia and headed to Duck Fat where we met up with Craig and Corey for dinner and drinks.

And then we said goodbye.

But only for the night!

The next (very, very rainy) morning, I met S at the train station and we walked to Cosi where we had an almost 2 hour lunch. It was so nice getting to really catch up on what mutual friends have been up to and talk in more detail about what we’ve been up to.

Because it was so rainy we decided to go to the AIC and spend some time inside. It was nice though, it was only drizzling on our walk and then stopped raining for about 5 minutes… just enough time to take more Bean pictures (you can never have too many!).

Isn’t she beautiful?!

haha. i thought we should remember this, sarah.

This girl is saved as Sarah Sunshine in my phone for a reason.

Neither of us were actually all that huge into the idea of spending the afternoon at an art museum, but 1. it was inside, 2. it was free (yay memberships!), 3. Sarah and I have a good time no matter where we go or what we do. We spent a couple hours walking around, poking, being told we were standing too close to the pieces, trying to figure out how some of the pieces are considered art, and laughing way too loudly.

Sarah is one of the most joyful, compassionate, loving, honest people I know. She is the kind of friend I strive to be. I am proud of her and everything she as accomplished and am so glad that I’ll get to be her friend for the rest of my life. She doesn’t hesitate to put herself out there as my friend.  She was literally the first person I asked for prayers from when we found out my mom’s cancer was back and within 3 minutes of me sending her that message she called me and left the most loving voicemail. Seriously people, if you ever need an uplifting voicemail just ask her to leave one for you. I know it hasn’t been easy for her to know what to say or do with what I went through, but she did beautifully.

Just want you to know that.

At this point in our day we only had about an hour or so left before we each had to go our separate ways. We didn’t really want it to end so we didn’t think about it. The sun was finally starting to come out, which seemed appropriate, so we walked around and found this really nice garden tucked away and took some more pictures.

Thanks to the random guy walking by who took our picture! After looking at my camera later I realized that he actually took about 12 pictures haha… he was a character!

We waited as long as we could to say goodbye. Literally. I was almost late to work. We walked together as long as we could before we had to go our separate ways. I’m sure anyone walking by us knew that we were saying goodbye. We hugged and cried for at least 5 minutes. Not knowing the next time I’d see her made it that much harder, but I am so so happy we got 2 days together! Again, thank you Craig!! 

This is our visit from my perspective, but I highly encourage you to jump over to her blog .A Thousand Words to see the awesome pictures she took and her take on our visit.

I am so excited to spend 3 whole days with Sarah, Craig, and Corey next month!!

P.S. Sarah is a wonderful photographer. If you are in the Ohio area you should look her up. I’m hoping to be part of her first Chicago photo shoot someday.


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