awkward & awesome thursday!

1 Dec


  • I almost sat on Izaak. Yup, that’s a biggie, huh? I just thought they had a bunch of blankets on their couch, turned out there was a baby in one of them. I did catch myself in time, but Erin did see me do this. Sorry Seeester! I promise to not sit on any of your kids.
  • Hanging out with a friend in Oak Park and not seeing Corey, seriously, so strange. I texted Corey telling him how weird it felt and he responded with, “It’s weird for me too. It’s like you’re playing in my sandbox but I’m not invited” haha
  • So far, in every job I’ve had I’ve worked with sharers. I’m talking people who share food, stories, stamps, hugs, office annoyances, etc. I now work in an office where it’s not quite the same. My first day here we went to lunch and there was to be no food sampling going on at that table. Then yesterday I mentioned something about my pantyhose to one of my co-workers who acknowledged that I said something and then promptly had to go do something else.
  • Last week after Thanksgiving dinner/hanging out was over Corey and I headed to SB so I could briefly show him around and get a few things done while we were there. It was around 9PM before we got to the hotel so we were ready to eat some food and jump on the bed or something. After we checked in, I wanted to see the room before we brought our stuff up and I am oh-so glad we did because we walked into the room and first noticed that the bed wasn’t made. In fact, it looked like someone had just gotten out of bed and would be right back. Then we noticed that the TV was still on too. What?! We stood there for like 10 seconds, kinda weirded out, trying not to laugh too loud, then left. We passed a guy in the hallway on our way back out and are convinced that we had just walked into his room. We went back to the front desk where they said they had no clue how that happened and promptly got us another room. Thankfully the bed was made and the tv was off.
  • My mouse at work kind of squeaks. How appropriate.
  • Wearing a coat that is longer than my dress.


  • Friday night I went with some of my favorite people ever to a Turkish/Mediterranean restaurant called Efes Cafe. The food was fantastic, the company was fantastic, and the conversation was … special, as usual 🙂
  • This past weekend was the weekend from awesomeness. I got plenty of sleep and plenty of time with friends.
  • I wasn’t sure if I was going to put this as an Awkward or Awesome, but I went and saw Breaking Dawn with an old co-worker/friend! We had dinner/watched the end of the Bears game then went to the movie. I really wanted to see it and was so excited to hear that she wanted to, too!
  • A good pair of pantyhose.
  • Today is my dad’s birthday! You can read about it in the post, but I am so so excited that he decided to come here and celebrate in Chicago. The fam is meeting me right after work and we’re walking somewhere to have delicious food.
  • Erin and I went shopping for Trish’s birthday gift and are so excited about what we got her! Trish’s birthday was on Thanksgiving this year so she asked if we could do the actual celebrating another day. I’m looking forward to her coming here or us going there and having a girls day (plus the two boy munchkins)!
  • I’m pretty sure I found this funnier than I should have.


This is a random collection of A&A Thursdays from the past two weeks. I know someone is going to read this and be all “no way, we went to dinner TWO weeks ago”… Yeah, I know.


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