awkward & awesome thu-… friday?!

18 Nov


  • When I’m talking to someone online and I feel the need to say something, but it isn’t directly related to the conversation I (put it in parentheses). I just wrote 4 different lines of randomness to my seeester in parentheses. She still loves me.
  • Trying to initiate a conversation that wasn’t at all part of the previous one by adding “speaking of…” but not realizing that it wasn’t part of it until after I sent the text. Go me!
  • This is a 2 parter… Part 1. I’m addicted to Pinterest. Part 2. I sometimes go on one board pinning sprees and then randomly find something I want to pin somewhere else but forget that I’m not pinning it to the right board and everything gets messed up. (Kudos if you understood any of that)
  • Putting my phone on speaker while I’m on hold and then nearly peeing my pants when someone started talking because I forgot I was waiting.
  • I was going through all my pens/markers/etc. figuring out which ones still worked and took a picture of all my colored sharpie markers because that’s what cool people do.
  • I’ve forgotten to do A&A Thursday for a long time so this is actually from the past couple of weeks. And posted on a Friday.


  • The movie Tangled. You remember mine and Corey’s movie night fail, right? Wellllll, I’m happy to say that we have each picked one movie to watch. His choice was Howl’s Moving Castle and mine was Tangled. Since we watched my pick I have watched it approximately 6 times. Don’t judge. It really is that good. (“Her hair glows. I didn’t see that coming. Why does her hair glow?!”)
  • I have bangs now!
  • Keeping Up with the Kardashians. I know I’m really late to that party, but I can’t help it. I’m obsessed. I don’t want their lives, but man do I want their lives.
  • Right around a year ago my mom hand wrote the chicken soup recipe she made during the middle of winter or when me and my sisters were sick and I made it over the weekend. My boo was sick so he was my inspiration. It didn’t turn out quite like my moms, but hopefully after a few tries it’ll be closer. 🙂
  • Erin had the baby!!! Izaak was born 11/5/11 and was (is) tiny and adorable and very loved.
  • Oh, so, yeah… I got a full time job! I have been praying and searching to get a job that I like. I started on Monday and I can already feel myself relaxing about so many things. I’m so grateful for the job I had between graduating and starting here, but I am one of those people that actually likes the consistency of the 9-5.
  • Sylwia and I met at a Greek restaurant right by my house for what was supposed to be a quick dinner so she could get back to studying and we ended up staying over 4 hours.
  • Thanksgiving is next week and I’m so excited that I’ll be surrounded by all the people I love.

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