Kids 1, 3 and 4

17 Oct

This weekend I went to SB to co-host Erin’s baby shower (post to follow) and got to spend a solid 24 hours with my three SB kiddos and loved every single second of it. It has been close to 2 months since I’ve seen them at all and probably closer to 4 months since I’ve gotten to spend much time with them so I was beyond excited to play with them, tickle them, ask them about school, tell them stories, and hug and kiss the heck right outta them.

As soon as I got to my sisters house I walked in to three kids that are at least 8 times bigger than the last time I saw them. Seriously, Joey looks like he’s a head taller than he was last time I saw him, Grace is a talking machine and Thomas is crawling/smiling/giggling like crazy. My heart melted as Joey and Grace ran up for hugs and Thomas snuggled up to me as soon as I held him.

How can you not instantly fall in love with this little girl? Her curly hair, contagious smile, and giggles that never end are exactly why I missed her so much. As I was leaving to come back to Chicago she asked me if I could show her the way so she could come visit me more. My heart melted.

Joey is one of the most physically active little guys around, he loves jumping, running, climbing, and playing sports, but when I asked who would give me hugs he was the first to run over and squeeze me tight.

Then there is this little guy. He is the most cuddly, smiley, giggly, crawly, happy, lovey little one I know. It didn’t matter to him that he hadn’t seen me in 2 months (25% of his life) he was happy to let me hold him and play with him from minute one. I can’t get enough of his little fingers and toes and making him laugh so hard he snorts.

They made my whole Saturday afternoon/night and Sunday morning fabulous!

P.S. Thomas really was happy when this picture was taken, I promise!


One Response to “Kids 1, 3 and 4”

  1. Trish October 17, 2011 at 8:39 pm #

    There has been some MAJOR Aunt Sarah withdrawl going on at our house. I know they were looking forward to seeing you, had a blast while you were here, and can’t wait to visit with you again. (Grace keeps asking if you will be moving in with us soon!)

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