Movie night fail

4 Oct

Corey and I have been talking for months about watching Disney movies and a few weeks ago he suggested this outlandish idea. “What if we watched all of the Disney movies” …. “YES!” I thought… how fun would that be?! To say that we’ve watched ALL of them. So, right away I set out to see what google had to say about it and you know what it told me? There are 435 Disney movies that are currently out. As soon as we saw that we agreed that we love Disney movies and think it would be so stinkin’ awesome to say that we’ve watched every one ever made, BUT… no, thanks anyways.

It took us all of 12 seconds to agree that we would NOT be watching all of them, but would get together and make a list of the ones we wanted to watch and that would narrow down the list drastically. Well… easier said than done. We used our DePaul business degree knowledge and put the movies into an excel spreadsheet and went through them one… by one… by one… by one. Some of them were obvious that we wouldn’t keep (the 15 Air Bud movies, Mickey’s Once Upon a December, A Goofy Movie), then there were others that we had never heard of but added to the list because they sounded cool (Condorman [his pick], and The Love Bug [my pick]), and then there were the movies that were a complete and utter YES from either one or both of us.

After going through them a first time we narrowed it down to 238ish and decided that there were still wayyyy too many so we went through the list again. The second time we ended up with 148. Not too bad, right? We figured we’ve got plenty of time, years, decades, to watch them so we’d be all set. WELL…

Last night we were going to start on our list with Beauty and the Beast and to make a long story short… my DVD player wouldn’t work. F-A-I-L! So, that nixed our movie night. There were a few awesome things that came from our lack of movie movie-night… first, we realized that it would be hard to say that we’d watch even 1 movie a month and if we went at that rate it would take almost 12 years to get through our list (and that doesn’t even count other movies we might want to watch or that we have other things going on that keep us from our 1 per month). So we agreed to narrow it down significantly. As in, he picks his top 3, I pick mine and we pick 6 movies that we both agree have to be on the list. Go us!!

The second awesome thing that came from our lack of movie night was that we had to come up with something else to do and Corey came up with drawing pictures! I suggested that we draw each other pictures and somehow we agreed to both draw a castle for each other. I wonder if you’ll be able to guess who drew which one… haha, as if there would be any doubt.

Isn’t he sweet? He let me take up more than my fair share of the couch while we colored. 🙂

VOILA! Our masterpieces! I was positive that we would start to laugh when we saw each others drawings and honestly, we didn’t! 1. I knew his would be better than mine, and 2. He knew his would be better than mine, so there weren’t too many surprises with that. We spent the next stretch of time explaining our drawings and what each thing was… for example, the sharks in his picture have lasers on their heads and there is a hammock between two of the trees on my rooftop garden. (I would also like to point out that blue blob in the left corner of mine was my [sad] attempt at drawing a lake in the background… I tried)

We then spent the rest of our night sitting on the couch talking, laughing and trying to get each other to agree to watch movies that we have no intentions of agreeing to watch.

I guess movie night wasn’t such a fail after all. ❤


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