Corey’s birthday!!

22 Sep

I loove birthdays!! Corey’s birthday was this past Monday and I learned that his birthday is one of my favorites! 🙂

I was lucky enough to get to spend the whole second half of the day with the birthday boy! We spent a couple hours walking around the Art Institute (probably laughing too loudly), looking at whatever we decided had the potential to be interesting. My first choice was the paper weight collection which was much more interesting than I would have ever thought it would be. I don’t remember what the name of Corey’s first choice was, but it was a weird picture exhibit that we didn’t spend much time at (it wasn’t your fault C, you didn’t know 😉 )

After the AI, we went to Navy Pier for a nice, relaxing dinner at… hmm, I don’t remember where we ate (Corey, do you?).  Oh, do you like my fuzzy picture taking skillz?

After dinner we walked down to the ferris wheel where I was going to be content to just stand there and admire how pretty it looked, but Corey said we needed to go on it. Let it be known that I only said yes because it was his birthday. But! I am happy to say that my second time on the darn big wheel thing went much smoother than the first time… I even kept my eyes open (most of the time)!

Happy birthday, Corey!! 🙂

I’m so, so glad I got to spend your day with you!


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