awkward & awesome thursday!

22 Sep


  • I was telling my co-workers that I could eat grilled onions everyday and not get tired of them and one girl goes “Ew. Grilled onions are so gross” and you want to know what I wanted to say to her? “You’re gross so shut up” You wouldn’t know it, but I am 24 and I did graduate from college and am not 7 and in second grade.
  • My loofa caught on my earring while I was in the shower – two days in a row! I didn’t know what to do… there were suds everywhere. I ended up having to take my earring out (very carefully so it wouldn’t slip!) and detaching the loofa. Somehow I was successful (both times), but it was annoying.
  • Eating French onion soup is really awkward all by itself. There is no story here, it’s delicious – but awkward.
  • So, I ordered prints of all my kiddos so I see their 4 adorable faces every time I walk in or out of my living room and every now and then I find myself passing by them and saying (out loud) “hello pumpkin” but of course it doesn’t sound like that, it sounds more like “hedddoooo punkin” which is exactly what I sound like when I talk to them in person, but saying it to their photo makes it awkward.


  • My dad came to visit! The last time he came to visit was for a quick overnight trip for graduation, but we spent most of the time at graduation and it was only 2 weeks after I moved into my new apartment so it was fun to get to hang out in my neighborhood and go downtown for dinner.
  • Spelling “fascinating” right on the first try.
  • Corey and I went to the Art Institute for his birthday and there was a photography exhibit that has photos from various places around Chicago and I got so, so excited because there is a photo of a girls quinceañera and I was totally thereeee!! Well, not like, for the celebration or anything, but for the pictures! I was walking around the garden by the Lincoln Park zoo and BAM! A girl in a huge poofy blue dress with about 30 other young teens running around in really, really fancy clothes. It was almost like I was a huge part of her day or something… kind of. No? Okay.
  • How amazing is that picture above?! I was waiting for the train one day after work and saw it and thought it was, by far, one of the most awesome things in the history of ever!
  • Today is Erin’s birthday, which is awesome all by itself! 🙂 My seeester is amazing and I am so excited to spend part of her day with her.
  • Corey and I are going to have a video game day at some point so I’m brushing up on my trash talkin’ skillz. Example:
    Corey: they call me quickdraw mc[insertlastname], ya know…
     me:  they wont be calling you anything once i’m through with you.

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