awkward and awesome thursday!

15 Sep


  • While cooking the other day I dropped a knife and in the .2 seconds it took to hit the floor this huge fear ran through my mind that I would have Friends moment. You know the one I’m talking about. The flashback where Monica drops the knife on Chandlers foot and cuts his toe off. Yeah, that’s what went flying through my head.
  • I went on YouTube to see if I could find the exact clip of that scene from Friends and instead spend an hour watching 10 seasons of Friends bloopers. (Have no fear, they all play back to back without you having to press a single button.)
  • I accidentally grabbed my managers booty. That was, by far, one of the most awkward things I’ve done in a while. I was reaching for some papers and well, his rear was where I was reaching, but obviously not looking. Neither of us said a word after it happened and haven’t since… thank goodness.
  • I was recently introduced to Spotify and have had more operator errors than I knew was possible or want to admit. It’s an easy enough program to use, but you’d think I was trying to do rocket science with it. I kept asking someone how to do things on it and at some point he told me he really didn’t understand what I was having problems with. I really need to take it slower with new technologies, I finally mastered Skype and then FB goes and adds in a new group chat feature AND video chat. I’m [technologically] doomed.
  • The other night I was reading in bed when all of a sudden I hear Carrie Underwood singing to me from my living room. I have no clue how this happened, but it sure did freak me out and I thought someone had broken into my lil apartment. My first thought was “oh bummer, now I have to get out of bed”… my second thought was “oh shoooioioiott, do I call the cops first or my sister?”… my third thought was “I know I locked all my locks, what is the deal?” … my fourth, and last, thought was “Okay, I really need to learn how Spotify works”


  • Getting mail. I loovelovelooove getting mail. My dad regularly sends me mail and today I got something from Target! I finally got the pictures that I ordered last week! So far I’ve put 2 in frames and am trying to figure out exactly what I want to do with the other 4. You’d think I would have figured this out before I ordered them, but I didn’t. I’m just excited because I put this insanely adorable picture of my niece, Gracie, in a pink frame… I think she’ll approve. 🙂
  • My seeester and Paulie came over and I made them lunch and we all hung out and talked about fun things I could do in my apartment.
  • Last Friday was my 2 year anniversary with muh friends. We met two years ago on 9.9.09 in a marketing class at DPU and celebrated by all having busy schedules and not all being able to get together. It wouldn’t be my group of friends if we were all able to see each other on the same night. I did, however, get together with Corey and Roxy and we all had a fabulous time at Wilde and playing in a park after.
  • Nights spent sitting by the lake.
  • I love being done with school. I was so ready to be done, but when the end finally came I was nervous about what it would be like. I’m happy to say that I am so so happy. 🙂 I had coffee with a friend at DPU downtown and ended up leaving right when classes were getting out and let me tell you, I do NOT miss waiting 10 minutes for an elevator with 4931 other people.
  • Writing about being done with school made me realize that I hadn’t looked through my graduation pictures completely yet, so I went through them and found a picture of each of my kiddos from graduation day! L-R: Joey, Paul, Grace, Thomas. Are they not the cutest nephews and niece you have EVER seen?! I can’t wait to welcome niece or nephew No. 5 soon!
Phew! Barely made it before midnight… happy (almost) weekend!

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