How do I have friends?

9 Sep

This morning I woke up after having a really great dream and I wanted to tell Danielle about it over gchat, but it turned out she was busy and wasn’t able to respond.

Did that stop me from sending her a zillion messages? Heck no.

 me:  oh my gosh.. danielle!
 Sent at 9:24 AM on Friday
 me:  dani dani dani dani dani daniiiiii!!!!!
(ha, i just realized that i sound like rikki)
but i need to tell you a story!!
 Sent at 9:28 AM on Friday
me:  fine. it’s cool. i didn’t want to tell you about the dream i had
Sent at 9:57 AM on Friday
 me:  jfklja 3890oajf lafm83a1`o!!!!!!!!
 Sent at 10:17 AM on Friday
 me:  okay, sorry, I’ll stop harassing you.
i think
or i’ll just let you come back to a million messages from yours truly
(that’s me)
 Sent at 10:18 AM on Friday
 me:  fine. you know what? i’m just going to make you wait until Monday to hear my dream. Yeah, that’s right. Monday.
I’m going to make you wait allllll weekend before I tell you what my dream was about.
 me:  how you like them apples?
 Sent at 11:33 AM on Friday

Seriously, how do I still have friends?


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