Girls weekend in Muskegon!

6 Sep

This past weekend I went away to Muskegon, MI with these lovely ladies! Our original plan was to enjoy the last weekend of summer laying by the pool/lake and just relaxing. We quickly needed to move onto Plan B when we woke up the day we left and it was barely 70 degrees outside. After the few days of 90+ degree weather it felt like we woke up in the arctic. We ended up spending most of our time either in the hotel, the jacuzzi, or in a restaurant eating (or in the hotel eating, or in the car eating, or outside eating… we ate a lot).

The picture above is the only one we have of the 5 of us that went but here are some others…

The view from our hotel! It was a gorgeous view with the boats and lake. We also had a great view Sunday night of the storm coming in.

We all forced ourselves out of our bathing suits and/or pjs and into real clothes and make up for our one big dinner out.

Monday before we left we braved the cold and wind and went to the beach for about an hour. The sun was finally coming out so it was a little warmer. It was a beautiful day! It was also a really great way to end our fabulous girls weekend 🙂

I spy Misa and Sylwia on the pier!

This is what we look like from the east side of lake michigan… almost the same as on the west. (I’m running on very little sleep, maybe I should have waited to post this…?)

This was taken about an hour outside of Chicago on our way home. It was so pretty and made me happy to be going home. I love taking trips, but I also love the feeling of being home again…


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