awkward & awesome thursday!

1 Sep


  • Asking Danielle to use the lint brush on my skirt for me and having her swipe UP… which brought my skirt UP with it. Nothing beats almost flashing half the office.
  • Waking up in the middle of the night to a couple having a huge fight outside. Unfortunately (or fortunately?) they didn’t make it through it. She kept asking why he needed to know where she went all the time and he kept saying because he didn’t trust her. Hm… that doesn’t sound like a healthy relationship to me.
  • I have this new boss-man and he either calls me Sar Bear or Mama. Yup, mama…. what’s even more awkward is that now I don’t think twice about it.
  • Getting a snag in my favorite pink pj pants.
  • Having a DPU professor ask me if I know any other languages, telling him that I only know two phrases in Polish and having him ask me what they were. My face turned bright red when I told him they are “Come here, honey” and “Give me a kiss”… he just smiled, said that those phrases probably come in handy and walked away.
  • Coming home to find a couch completely blocking my door. There was a girl moving in next door and I guess she couldn’t fit her couch so she just left it there.


  • Sleeping with my windows open because there is such a great cool breeze coming in at night. Right now I’m writing this with my windows wide open and it’s perfect. I love this weather!
  • Lazy weekend mornings. I’ve been so busy over the past 6 weeks that it’s so nice to just be able to sleep in, lounge around and have a relaxed morning.
  • Being told that I’m right and telling other people when they are right. Now, before you roll your eyes, I mean this in a really nice and normal way. So many times people (myself included) are so focused on what they do and how they can look good that they forget other people do great things too. Over the past few months I’ve tried to get better at giving credit where credit is due and if someone tells me something and they are right, I do my best to tell them they are. (Even in that awkward moment when I realize that the person I’m arguing with is right)
  • Finding five pictures frames in a box! I only had one box left to unpack and I figured it was stuff I wouldn’t need so I almost put it away sight unseen. What a mistake that would have been! I am so excited to pick out pictures for said frames and put them out. 🙂
  • Waking up Monday with a bright red nose and tan shoulders from being in the sun at the beach Sunday afternoon.
  • Getting to take all the pictures at orientation! I’m talking action shots, goofy shots, posed shots, professional shots… look out red carpet… I’m coming for you!
  • Taking a really long nighttime walk by the lake… in the rain. It was perfect.
  • Someone wrote me a song and I got to hear him play it for the first time. It made me happy. 🙂 (and yes, I blushed)
  • Officially starting 52/52!!! I have been looking forward to this for months and I am so so happy it’s here! Check back in about a week to see what book I chose.
I started muh book earlier, but I’m going to go unplug and read for the rest of the night. Happy September!

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