52/52: Resources

31 Aug

52/52 starts tomorrow!

Normally I’m old-fashioned in the sense that I prefer paper over technology (examples: making lists and sending thank you letters [like, you know, through the USPS]). Last time I started 52/52 I created this kick booty excel spreadsheet, printed it and filled in the blanks as I went, but I quickly realized that it wasn’t the best option. I either hadn’t left enough room for the book title or authors name and had to squeeze it in. It wasn’t working for me. So! I did a quick google search for sites that would keep track of the books I read and/or want to read in the future and came across these three, tried all of them and have ranked them in the order of how easy they were to use and how relevant they were to what I was personally looking for. I encourage you to at least browse all of them to see what fits your style best. Here they are:

GoodReads: This one was the winner for me. It is simple and easy to get used to, but also has great comments and book reviews. I can’t say it’s the most accurate as far as ratings go, but it has exactly what I need. Through GoodReads you can keep track of books you want to read, are reading or have read, rate them, comment on them, and share them with friends. I also really like the descriptions that they give on this site a little better than the others (they aren’t the exact same as what’s on the cover of the book, but it gives you a gist of what’s going on).

LibraryThing: This was my second choice, it has a lot of the same qualities I liked in GoodReads, but it was a little too detailed. For example, it has all the details of the book weight, size, background of the publisher, a zillion sources you can find the book, etc. It still gave descriptions of the book, had a place for ratings, you can connect with friends (either through LT, Twitter, or Facebook). It was a close second, but second nonetheless.

Shelfari: This was definitely third for me. I registered for it over a year ago and knew right away it wasn’t for me. I didn’t like the site navigation and got confused (it might have been just me! Who knows…). Honestly, I don’t know what more to say about it. I didn’t really like it. However, I do encourage you to at least look at it and make up your own mind.

I hope you have your first book picked out, but if not, you still have time! This is so exciting for me because it marks that I am completely done with school and am transitioning into the next stage of life. I keep thinking… I wonder where I’ll be a year from today when I finish?

Check back tomorrow for my first book! Now, I’m off to watch a movie and go see my friends band. Happy Wednesday!


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