Lifehouse: Smoke and Mirrors

26 Aug

Everytime I see your face

My heart takes off on a high speed chase

Now don’t be scared, it’s only love

Baby, that we’re falling in

Can I just say that Lifehouse is fantastic live!! Sylwia got free tickets to go see any concert at Ravinia in either August or September and while I reallllly wanted to see Carrie Underwood that just wasn’t going to work with our schedules. Sylwia told me she didn’t care which concert we went to so I picked Lifehouse. The day before the concert she found out that she was able to get 4 tickets instead of just 2 so Misa and Karolina came too!
On our way to Ravinia we stopped by Trader Joe’s and Walgreens to stock up on the essentials: wine, grapes, crackers, a wine opener, and super awesome cups for our wine (that you’ll see later).

Sooo… we also thought that by getting there an hour before the concert started that we’d be all set. Wrong! None of us had ever been there before and we were so surprised at how packed it was! We also didn’t know that if you have lawn seats that it means you won’t actually get to see the band playing. So, after realizing this we finally found a spot kind of in the middle, put down the blanket and popped open the wine.

HERE are our fabulous Disney cups from Walgreens (for $1 each!). This was the best purchase I’ve made in a long time. Mine is Tinkerbell 🙂

And then Sylwia and I made the mistake of deciding we wanted more food. We found the place with salads right away, but then we saw it. It. The place with all the cakes, brownies, cookies and other delicious things that normally I want nothing to do with, but on this night I was out of character. At almost the same time we spotted the carrot cake (and yes, that brownie in the back is ours too).

We tried very, very hard to eat our salads first, but the carrot cake was just calling us. Ten minutes later we nearly had the piece of cake (that was the size of my head) devoured. At this point we realized we should probably eat our salads, so we did that and then took what was left of the cake back to Misa and Karolina to let them finish it. We felt kind of bad we didn’t share right away, but we couldn’t help ourselves… itwassogood.

Near the end we walked up to where the seating started and still couldn’t actually see the band that well, but we could see the big screens! So, here is a picture of my future husband. He’s married? Hmmm… Something can be arranged.


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