awkward & awesome thursday!

25 Aug


  • Today I wore a dress that I bought at a thrift store for three dollars ($3!!) and I was super excited about until I realized that the cut of the dress made me look pregnant. Super awkward since I’m totally not.
  • Walking down the street in said dress that makes me look pregnant and having a guy ride by on his bike and yell “damn girl… you look fiiiiiiiiine” Thanks?
  • I know this guy, Manny. The other day someone asked Manny where the restroom was, but because it was so loud where we were and he couldn’t really hear he thought the guy asked where Nordstrom was and proceeded to tell the guy that it was about 3 blocks east and a couple blocks south. HA! The look on the guys face was PRICELESS at the thought of the restrooms being that far away.
  • Holding the door open for someone and when she said thank you I replied with “Your problem”… ahhh, I really need to stop doing that. No problem and You’re welcome don’t do well when combined. The lady looked at me like I was nuts.
  • Two different people told stories about how easily I blush and when I blush the most. I tell ya, I don’t think I had ever been redder.
  • Waking up on Friday morning knowing that I had turned in my final paper on Thursday and was completely done with school. This song keeps running through my head.
  • This isn’t really my awesome, but the weather has been so incredible lately… it’s the perfect way to ease out of summer.
  • Watching America’s Test Kitchen and getting great ideas for what to cook.
  • Finding random pictures on my computer I forgot I had at all. The picture above is one that Fussy took the day we all went to see Born to be Wild at Imax and then went on the ferris wheel at Navy Pier.
  • Paul said something crazy to me so I told him to get out of town. Two minutes later, “You want me to get out of town?! HOLY MOLY!… Then I wouldn’t see my parents!” Okay, maybe you had to be there, but it was so darn cute.
  • Now for the most awesome Awesome of all… my friend Sarah (and her boyfriend Craig) were in town this week. 🙂 They both came to visit last year for about 36 hours and we agreed that we couldn’t let another year go by without seeing each other, but what did we do? We let another year go by. Shame on us. Sarah is absolutely amazing and will get her own post!
There you have it kids, another A&A Thursday! Enjoy the weekend!

One Response to “awkward & awesome thursday!”

  1. Sarah August 26, 2011 at 3:21 am #

    YAY!!!! I am thrilled to have my own post! BUT here’s the thing…. this makes me MISS YOU SO MUCH!!! I don’t think that capital letters will even begin to cover how much distance I feel is between us now. This morning I woke up so close and I’m going to bed so far away. It is quite depressing.

    Soooo I’m not gonna let another year go by. Seriously. Get ready cause I’m a-be knocking down your door.


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