awkward & awesome thursday!

18 Aug


  • Do you ever look all over your house/apartment/wherever for something that you know should be there, but then end up finding it in the place it belongs? Yeah.
  • I no longer have to even order my food when I go up to the cafeteria, the guy that works there already knows what I’ll want and gets it ready when he sees me coming.
  • Going to sleep fully dressed and waking up fully undressed.
  • Walking out of my final final, doing a little happy dance, looking up and seeing my professor looking at me. What makes it even more awkward is that he did his own little happy dance too. Oh college, how I will miss you.
  • So, this one is really awkward… Erin and I were in the bathroom at Target Saturday night and I was in a really bad mood and well, I’ll be honest, I dropped the F-bomb (not something I ever do in public and rarely privately) once or twice thinking we were alone… only to hear the toilet flush a few seconds later. Needless to say we both cracked up at this and quickly left and pretended like it never happened.


  • Making plans to do hot yoga… I’m so excited!
  • Group gchat sessions. My friends crack me up individually, but get us altogether in one chat box and I laugh and laugh and laugh!
  • I went and saw The Help with my girlfriends last Friday night and was blown away by how fantastic it was.
  • Before my friends and I went to the movie we went to a friends friends rooftop party. Let me tell you! This was one swanky apartment building with one heck of a view of the city and lake and Navy Pier. The guy who lives in the building lives on the 42nd floor with a balcony that overlooks both the city and the lake… it was gorgeous! (In the picture above you can also see the full moon)
  • I love love looooove that I now have time to organize my entire apartment. I’ve started decorating and it’s really coming along, but the house organization bug is biting now that I don’t have binders and pens and sharpies and three-hole punches and rules to keep organized.
  • And for the most awesome Awesome of all… I am officially a DePaul University graduate!!!!!! Go BLUE DEMONS!!
  • Celebrating being done with school by going with Corey to a Goose Island beer thing. It was a fun way to spend my first night as a grown up!

This week has been a little stressful with getting everything finished up with my class, but now that it’s over I feel really good and am ready for the weekend!


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