awkward & awesome thursday!

30 Jun


  • Reading the Wall Street Journal on the train on my way to work and having this conversation with a stranger… Guy: “Are you reading the WSJ?” Me: “Yes” Guy: “Do you actually understand what’s written in there?” Me [wondering where he’s going with this]: “Yes, why?” Guy: “Girls don’t usually read that” Oh. He went there. I really didn’t know what to say after that so I just went on reading about how to move billions of dollars worth of art across Philly.
  • Eating half a bag of Garden Salsa Sunchips in 24 hours. They really are just that good. I almost put this as an “awesome” but in reality it’s awkward.
  • Looking goofy while trying to rush to get to the train only to get to the platform and see that it’s pulling away.
  • Making portobello mushroom sandwiches with on Friday! Portobello mushroom, barbeque sauce, bacon and lettuce. So good!
  • Getting my grade changed!!! Erin and I are going out tomorrow afternoon to celebrate with some ice cream!!
  • Leaving for work earlier than usual so I could stop by the only Chick-fil-A in the huge city of Chicago for some mini chicken biscuits. They were worth ever single one of those hard-earned pennies. (Chick-fil-A coming to Chicago is possibly the best thing that has happened to anyone who knows anything about CFA. It’s chicken love.)

Happy awkward & awesome thursday everyone! Wear sunscreen!


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