Serendipity Meets Pi

14 Mar

Today I had the option of coming home from work and either 1. Cleaning my apartment, or 2. Making Shepard’s Pie. You guessed it. I cleaned my apartment.


I made Shepard’s Pie. Wanna know why? Because I went to Costco a while back and decided I just had to have the 5lb bag of potatoes and they were about to go bad, but more importantly because today is National Pi Day! Today is March 14th, which is the day that math enthusiasts commemorate the mathematical constant Pi. Traditionally people bake fruit/cream pies on this day, but I’m not really one for dessert pies, so this is my pie of choice.

One of my old roommates used to make this and I never really paid much attention when she did, but I guess it must have stuck a little bit, because I didn’t use a recipe. Here’s what I did:

  • Browned 1.5 lb of ground beef
  • Added 2 cans of vegetable beef canned soup
  • Made mashed potatoes (Ya know, the usual, potatoes, butter and milk)
  • Put the beef and soup into a 13×9 dish, with the mashed potatoes on top
  • Added some shredded brick cheese to the top
  • Baked it in a 350 degree oven for about 30 minutes (I had no clue how hot to set the oven or how long to bake this, I just figured 350 degrees is usually safe and I kept it in there until it was bubbling)
  • Ate an obscene amount of the yummy Irish dish.

So… Voila! Kinda-sorta-almost homemade Shepard’s Pie!

Just because I’m not a fan of dessert pies, doesn’t mean you aren’t. If you’re looking for another reason to bake a pie this would be a good time to celebrate Pi Approximation Day! It’s July 22nd, 7/22 or 22/7. Which, 22 divided by 7 just happens to be the approximation of Pi.

Happy National Pi Day!!


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