8 Mar

A couple weeks ago Kevin and I decided that since he had President’s Day off from work it would be fun to take a day trip somewhere. When you live in Chicago and ask for suggestions of where to go for a day trip almost everyone says Milwaukee. So, I did a quick Google search to see what we could do, considering it was supposed to be really cold, and came across the 100 things to do during a Milwaukee winter.

Some of them sounded like great ideas…

3. Enjoy a romantic carriage ride Downtown

9. Fondue!

29. Cut down your own Christmas tree

33. Go to Loop, buy yarn and make your own scarf

49. Cover up your toes with warm, wooly footies

66. Tour art galleries and buy something to hang in the living room

Others were… well, here are some of my favorites…

4. Ski on the frozen Milwaukee River (at your own risk)

12. Do donuts in a Pick ‘n Save parking lot

35. Make (naked?) snow angels in the front yard

46. Grow a beard for warmth

76. Whiskey warms you from the inside

90. Insulate your attic

Needless to say, our day did not include almost anything from either list. As soon as we got there it started snowing… and I mean snowing!

After walking around for a while we went to Comet Cafe and had some breakfast for lunch… so so so good! Kevin was really excited about this because he saw it on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives recently(ish) and it featured meatloaf wrapped in bacon! After hearing that I just knew we had to go there too. Unfortunately they were still on brunch so they didn’t have it, but we got breakfast stuff and it was good!

Next up was what I was most excited about for the day… the Milwaukee Art Museum. I have a membership to the Art Institute of Chicago so I thought it would be awesome to see how the MAM was different and the same. We ended up spending most of our time in the Modern Art galleries. If you’ve got time and enjoy art, I highly recommend the museum. (The museum is technically behind us in this picture, this piece was just outside the museum)

Once we left the MAM we weren’t too sure what we wanted to do, so we just drove around. We came across a shop that was called the Wisconsin Cheese Mart. This was the best thing that could have happened to us! We were getting tired, but not quite ready for dinner or to head back to Chicago so we went in. They were about 10 minutes away from closing time so we poked around a little bit and then bought some cheese. We couldn’t go to Wisconsin and not buy cheese, that’s just wrong. I got a childhood favorite, Brick cheese and if I’m remembering right Kevin got a Cheddar.

We then got some pizza before hitting the road. We were both tired, but had fantastic day! I’ve heard that Milwaukee has some grrreat festivals in the summer so I’m pretty sure I’ll be back there soon enough.


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