6 Mar

I have such exciting news… I bought a camera! My mom bought me my first digital camera for Christmas 7 years ago and I have loved taking pictures since then. Unfortunately, my latest camera broke and I’ve been without one for over a year. I always planned on getting it fixed, but at some point realized that it was a better choice to just buy a new one since it would cost almost as much to fix it. Erin knows so much more about cameras than I do, so I asked her to come with and help pick one out. After going to a number of stores (and a quick stop for Chinese food) we finally found one that is perfect. I am now the proud owner of an Olympus Stylus-7030!

One of the very best things about living in Chicago is IKEA . Since we were already in Schaumburg camera shopping we decided that it was absolutely necessary to stop in. By “stop in” I actually mean “go in and try not to spend more than I make in a week”. Amazingly, we were both successful! I only bought a 2 pack of small boxes.

One of the biggest challenges about anything from IKEA is putting it together. All of the instructions are pictures so if it gets confusing you just have to put on some good music hope for the best!


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